How to write a good article in exam

Review Your Answers Thoroughly Smart students can still make the mistake of handing their answer book in without checking through what they have written. In addition, you must not change the sentence in any way or add to it; it must go into your story exactly as it is given.

Try to range widely but keep to the terms of the question. Organize supporting evidence logically around a central argument. What would life be like if ……? Use your imagination, but keep it under control by following these simple guidelines. Manage Your Time This is where you need to be strict on yourself.

Are there any exam tips that helped you? These quick tips should be common sense but many students who are under exam stress fail to see their mistakes. This is your last chance to throw in that quotation, list other relevant points or even draw a quick diagram.

This is the part where the action happens. Take a few minutes to re-read your essay. There is not time for an elaborate introduction, but be sure to introduce the topic, your argument, and how you will support your thesis do this in your first paragraph.

If the instructions say to write the story in to words, then do so.

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Verb Tenses Stories can be fun to write but they are also challenging, and one of the most difficult grammar aspects is the correct use of verb tenses. Are there any exam tips that helped you? For some reason, people like reading lists! Remember, the exams are not designed to trick you.

They give no credit for elaboration of the obvious. Often the Cambridge exam gives a sentence that must begin or end the story.

Exam Writing Tips: How to Answer Exam Questions

But in an article, it's better to give the reader something to think about, perhaps by asking them another question or giving them a call to action. How did I get your attention? When you are writing a story as short as this, good organization is essential. Leave a comment below!

Exam Tips: How to Write a Story For an English Language Test

You need to think like a journalist when you're writing your article. Common mistakes students make in articles The language is too formal and more suited to essays. Technology is amazing because it allows us to keep up with people we would have otherwise lost track of.

Can you see how they did it?How to write a good English exam answer Focus on the question What are the terms of the question? Decide what the key words of the question are, and underline them.

Ensure that you have defined them - at least in your own mind. If you think they are problematic, define them at the beginning of your essay. Nov 14,  · Article SummaryX.

To write a good answer to an exam essay question, read the question carefully to find what it's asking, and follow the instructions for the essay closely. Begin your essay by rephrasing the question into a statement with your answer in the statement%().

Exam writing Read carefully. Look for instructions as to whether there is choice on the exam. Circle key words in questions (e.g.: discuss, compare/contrast, analyze, evaluate, main evidence for, 2 examples) for information on the meaning of certain question words.

See information on learning and studying techniques on the SLC page for Exam Preparation. On the second part of the FCE Writing Paper, you will need to choose one task from a choice of three. Most students go for the easy option, the letter or the email.

Tips for Writing Essay Exams Back to Helpful Handouts o Writing Center Home Page. Before the Exam: Prepare and Practice Writing a good essay requires synthesis of material that cannot be done in the minutes you have during the exam.

In the days before the exam, you should. Not all English as a second language exams have the option of writing a short story, but the Cambridge First Certificate exam does, and so do some others, so it is necessary to know how to write one.

How to write a good article in exam
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